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The London Review of Books offers institutional site subscriptions, available to libraries, universities, colleges, schools, museums, government agencies and businesses. Provide your faculty, students and researchers with access to every article ever published in the London Review of Books.

The London Review of Books only publishes original writing, specially commissioned from academics, journalists, novelists and poets, who are leaders in their respective fields and distinguished exponents of the art of the English essay. Every piece is then closely edited and rigorously fact-checked by a team of professional editors.

The London Review of Books site licence subscription offers a host of features, including:

  • Free access to the complete digital archive – more than 16,000 reviews, features, diaries, letters and poems
  • Administrator log-in for subscription administration and support queries
  • Citation export to bibliographic and reference management tools
  • In-house customer service and technical support
  • Abstracts for all articles publicly available via search engines such as Google
  • Access by IP address, Federated Access and Referring URL
  • Downloadable COUNTER format usage statistics in CSV and Excel formats
  • Persistent URLs at the article and issue level meaning links from learning platforms, course packs and reading lists can be made with confidenceRSS feeds and email alerts when new content is published

‘The achievement of the London Review of Books is really an achievement on behalf of everyone who cares about intelligence and the evolution of ideas.’

Andrew O’Hagan, novelist and contributor to the London Review of Books

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